Paulownia Wardrobe

They say making a Japanese dresser, or tansu, "starts with paulownia wood and ends with paulownia wood." That is how important experience and technique is to making a paulownia tansu. We use only the highest-quality paulownia wood nurtured by nature. With a proprietary drying process, we finish it into an ideal material with just enough moisture locked in to prevent any strain or warping, no matter how many years may pass. Then the wood goes into the hands of our artisans. With skills built up over many years, they diligently create each piece one by one. No matter the crafting or coating process, the beauty and elegance of these pieces only grows more polished.

During the integrated process from the inspection and drying of the paulownia to the cutting, assembly and finishing of the piece, we work uncompromisingly on every aspect of the tansu, no matter how minute. In other words, a Matsuso paulownia tansu is a finely perfected work of art that will be with you for a lifetime. This is the difference between our principles and those of the makers of the overwhelming majority of mass-produced dressers in the world.

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Paulownia Wardrobe

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  • Gen
  • Hatsune
  • Hiiragi
  • Koh

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