Emmile Series(Light)

The present age of mass-production,coupled width a diversity of manufacturing techniques,offers a flood of defferent shape models in the arena of decoration. So we've dared to get back to the root concept "what does truly excellent decoration mean," to enable us to arrange and modernize that famous classical art form known as "Art Nouveau(1920-1930)", which fruited in the form if our "Emmile Series."
The special materials we collected and used include noble wood renowned as the best in the world,featuring one and only figured grain in this world.

Main material qualities

Other series

Emmile Series(Light)

  • Emmile Series
  • Emmile Dining Table No.2
  • Emmile Dining Table No.3
  • Emmile Dining Table No.5
  • Emmile Lounge Table
  • Emmile Side BoardNo.2
  • Emmile Dining ChairNo.2 Arm
  • Emmile Dining Chair No.2 Armless
  • Emmile Lounge Chair
  • Emmile TV BoardNo.1
  • Emmile Cup Board No.1

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